IP Telephony in Pakistan

iphoneBusiness Need

iPhone You wanted to launch its IP Telephony service in Pakistan. The iPhone You service was comparable to other telephony services being offered in Pakistan at the time but significantly lower in airtime charges. The launch would be limited to Pakistan’s commercial hub, Karachi, and slowly expanded to other cities around the country.

Our Proposal

the emagine group offered a comprehensive service that included reviewing legal requirements, market analysis, vendor negotiations, ISP testing, creative services and on-going customer service management. Our proposal would effectively make emagine the on-ground partner of iPhone You in Pakistan. Continue Reading

Correcting Customer Service


Business Need

Pakistan had long been a limited cable operation market with small cable distributors providing substandard channels and qualities. When Go4B launched operations in Karachi, it experienced very quick expansion and market acceptance that lead to problems across the organization in sales, installation, billing and customer service.

This expansion flooded the customer service department with both walk-in and call center complaints about:

  • Miscommitments from sales agents
  • Installations not being completed correctly or equipment being damaged
  • Customer complaints not being properly logged or attended too
  • Customer service agents behaving unprofessionally with customers
  • Billing and recovery problems due to incorrect or incomplete customer information

The Call Center was receiving over 5000 calls a day with over 65% never being answered. The walk-in Customer Service Center was being bypassed, as most customers would directly approach the corporate office to register complaints due to regular inaction by Customer Services and other departments. Additionally, the team that was responsible for complaint resolution teams were split between Customer Service, Network Services, Finance, Sales and Operations causing coordination and prioritization difficulties.

As a result, negative advertising began to spread via the internet and word of mouth that caused a negative impact in new sales and ongoing collection and recovery.

Go4B initially engaged emagine to review its customer services operations and provide on-site management support to identify and efficiently resolve ongoing customer complaints. Continue Reading