Launching a Mutual Fund During a Crisis



  • Launched the campaign days after the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto
  • Generated immense response with a diversified marketing campaign that reached consumers and corporates with a clear message that encouraged them to invest into an Islamic principle based mutual fund
  • Set a new record for investment for KASB Funds with over Rs. 100 million, beating the KASB Stock Market Fund total of Rs. 50 million and the KASB Liquid Fund total of Rs. 25 million
  • Still stand today as one of their most recognizable campaigns

Business Need

KASB Funds was planning the launch of their 3rd mutual fund, the KASB Balanced Fund, in the Pakistani market. The KASB Balanced Fund is a diversified mutual fund that distributes the total investment capital between secured and unsecured investments to create more profit generating opportunities for their customers. For the fund launch, they needed to create the brand and marketing collateral that would be used to secure investments from the public and corporate sector. Continue Reading