Developing and Integrating a Web Application

crosbyBusiness Need

Crosby initially needed a corporate website developed that would be an information source for investors and potential investors alike. Their requirements included a flexible design that would grow with the company and its needs, be easily updated and managed and would provide easy access to information that investors required to make informed decisions about investment opportunities.

During the discussions about the website, Crosby identified additional needs for a web application that would be used to update the daily NAV value and provide historical information about past values. They also needed another web application that would be used to email investors and subscribers daily NAV information, monthly reports and announcements related to the company and its funds. The email application would need to have multiple functionalities including import/export email addresses, mailing list management and automatic email functionality.

Our Solution

The team at emagine began by developing an architecture for the website based on the information and content that would be presented. This architecture would be the basis for the design and how visitor interactions would be handled. Once the site design was approved by the Crosby management, content and documents were added and web pages created. When all the pages were ready, the site was deployed to our test site so that Crosby management could review and provide feedback while the web applications were developed.

Concurrently, our development team started work on the web applications that Crosby required. Understanding that the most web friendly and flexible database is mySQL, we tailored our development around it. Starting with the NAV application, our development team prepared a requirements document that detailed all the functionalities that would be available in the application and used by our development team to build the application. Continue Reading