The Challenges of Running a Business During an Economic Slump

Khalid Muhammad, Group Managing Director of the emagine group, was interviewed by CIO Pakistan on the challenges of running a business during an economic slump. The article speaks with leading minds in various industries to understand how to keep organizations operational without sacrificing quality or efficiency during an economic downturn.

Our Group Managing Director puts forward the telecommuting principle that has kept emagine operational during a time of multiple problems, including the economic downturn, frequent shutter down strikes. electricity breakdowns and regular terrorist attacks in the country. Since 2008, the emagine group has implemented a telecommuting system within its organization to keep valued assets on staff while facilitating them in efficiently completing their commitments to emagine. While telecommuting is a common operational strategy in Western countries, Pakistan has yet to take full advantage of this strategy. emagine thinks differently.

“When you allow your critical team members to work from their homes via a secure server, it increases productivity while decreasing overall costs. In this case, keeping key team members on staff without carrying large operational and salary expenses.”

As our greatest assets are our team members, we offer computers, standby uninterrupted power supplies and internet connectivity to key resources so that they are able to work from their home without being concerned about getting to the office at 9 am. This also allows the emagine group to pass on the savings in operational expenses to our clients giving them better quality, faster delivery within a lower budget.

You can read the complete article here.