Building an Online Publication


  • The new Newsline website quickly brought domestic and international traffic
  • Increase is content posting from once a month to 5-7 times weekly
  • Integrated a number of new bloggers into the Newsline team to develop more content and deliver it faster to the market
  • Implemented a paid subscription model to increase revenues
  • Implemented a new advertisement model that significantly increased revenues
  • The new functionality on the site facilitated writers with video, audio and other medias to help make their articles come to life for the readers
  • Integration of over 20 years of content to facilitate researchers, students and historians

Business Need

For many years, Newsline had been using a standard HTML website for publishing its monthly periodical online. The standard HTML website only provided limited articles online for readers forcing them to purchase the printed magazine to read additional articles. Also, since the website was only updated on a monthly basis, many of the articles were no longer relevant to the news happening in Pakistan at the time of publication causing many people not to purchase the print publication. Additionally, due to resource constrains the website would be updated 10-15 days after the print publication was available on newsstands making the online publication more outdated.

In terms of the website itself, since it had not been changed since its first launch, functionality that was available on blogs and other news publication websites was not available. Additionally, the static HTML website did not allow for readers to take part in the articles through comments or discussion making the articles seem stagnant. Lastly, the existing website was not properly indexed with keywords so readers and other journalists were not able to find information easily limiting the usefulness of the site. From a revenue generation point of view, the existing website did not provide a large number of advertising opportunities, which limited the capital that could be used to improve the print and online publications. Continue Reading