Getting Your Idea Funded

At emagine, we take a lot of pride in the ventures that we have been part of successfully launching. While our service platform is built on working with entrepreneurs from the idea stage all the way through to funding, we also work with those that come to us with ready business plans.

To assist those who are working on developing their business plans, we put together this guide for entrepreneurs how to best prepare their business plan for venture capitalists and angel investors. Our guide not only gives you a guideline for structuring your business plan, but it helps you to understand what venture capitalists are looking for from an entrepreneur and what will keep your venture from being funded. Continue Reading

Introduction to Interactive Marketing

The field in Interactive Marketing, or Digital Marketing, has become one of the fastest growing disciplines in marketing due to the value and benefit provided to brands and companies. At the same time, it is also one of the most misunderstood due to the speed at which it is expanding and difficulty in being able to develop a truly interactive presence in this new media.

One of our specialties at emagine is developing interactive marketing strategies for our clients and brands. In the presentation below, we give you a clear understanding of what makes up the discipline and how it is effecting today’s marketing. Continue Reading

emagine Thought Leadership

At emagine, our industry experience spans across multiple disciplines including marketing, branding, venture capital and technology. While most of our knowledge is shared at corporate offices and college campuses, now we are making the same knowledge available to visitors of the emagine website to help you make better decisions to deliver better results.

We have always taken pride in the return we give to the communities that we are involved in and it was only natural that we extend that value to those of you who visit our website, whether it be to hire a marketing and branding agency, a graphic design team, a web development team or a technology specialist. We firmly believe that you will be able to gain a great deal of information and knowledge from the numerous presentations and we invite you to share you thoughts and questions to make the conversations better.