Launching a Holiday Discount Card


  • A successful introductory launch of a prepaid discount card program
  • Over 3,000 cards sold in Karachi alone
  • Multiple corporate offices requested that the card be issued in the future cross-branded with their logo for distribution to vendors, employees and families.

Business Need

ORIX e-Business approached the emagine group for assistance in launching a discount shopping card for Ramadan 2011. The card would be accepted at a variety of retailers and merchants across Karachi during the last 10 days, the heaviest shopping days, of Ramadan. Since this would be the first offering of its kind from ORIX e-Business, it would be limited to Karachi, but future promotions would be throughout Pakistan. Continue Reading

Educating Muslims During Ramadan


  • Facebook fan page went from 950 fans at the start of the campaign to over 6,900 on the last day of the campaign (one month)
  • Interactions on the brand page increased from 40,000 to over 150,000
  • Increased feedback from customers about services they would like added, complaints about specific branches and how Meezan could interact more with university students and the community

Business Need

Meezan Bank Limited was running a print campaign focusing on the need to eliminate Riba from a Muslim’s life and wanted to integrate an online campaign to further strengthen and interact with potential customers. The online campaign was focused around the Meezan Bank Facebook brand page to act as both the interaction and information distribution point. They needed the page changed to match the campaign graphics, the welcome page changed and a referral campaign integrated, along with a targeted Facebook advertising campaign. Continue Reading

Business Models – Part I

This is the first of a 3 part lecture on developing your business model. In this lecture, we discuss why the business plan and business models are so important to an entrepreneur. We also introduce the Business Model Canvas, which is a great model for entrepreneurs developing their business ideas into business plans.

The Business Plan Canvas is a 1 page document that maps all the necessary information that you need to write a winning business plan without the fluff of emotion and passion. In this lecture, we talk about the first 2 parts of the 9 pieces that make up the business plan – Customer Segmentation and the Value Proposition. Continue Reading

Idea Identification

Last week, we discussed ideas and how to determine if they are good business ideas or not. I have included most of what was discussed in class and added a few more things that will help to clarify and enhance what was discussed. In this lecture, we look deeper into the different kinds of ideas and how we can determine if they are viable operationally and financially.

In this lecture, we also introduce you to a process we use at emagine called Idea Proofing, which allows us to break business ideas down into relevant components to determine how viable they are and whether we want to be involved. Idea proofing is a simple concept to grasp but very difficult to implement and use because it requires objective understanding, industry knowledge and market research. All things that the entrepreneur should include in their business plan, but as an evaluator, you must also have the knowledge to know what is correct and what is colored with emotion. Continue Reading

Understanding & Segmenting Customers – Part II

This is the second lecture in the customer segmentation series Our next lecture will be on Customer Lifetime Value calculation and the impact that it has on our marketing activities. Please bring your brains and a calculator so that you can work the math and understand how it all works.

Additionally, you will notice in the presentation that there are some slides that I did not cover. The slides relate to market segmentation, which I am assuming that you have done in your marketing and consumer behavior courses. Continue Reading

Customer Lifetime Value

In the lecture, we covered a number of things including 2 new metrics – customer profitability and customer lifetime value. There are also some additional slides related to value-based marketing and what a high-value customer are. While I would like to cover these in class, we don’t have enough class periods left for me to go into the detail that I would like to, so please go through the slides and post your questions here so that I can clarify these concepts for you. Continue Reading

Financial Metrics

In this lecture, we wrap up the difficult metrics. Throughout this course, we have been discussing the impact of supporting our marketing activities with real numbers that can be understood and grasped by top management and executives in the organization. These metrics are the key to the finance and operational teams as they define how effective financially the campaign or marketing activity were on the bottom-line. Continue Reading