Educating Muslims During Ramadan


  • Facebook fan page went from 950 fans at the start of the campaign to over 6,900 on the last day of the campaign (one month)
  • Interactions on the brand page increased from 40,000 to over 150,000
  • Increased feedback from customers about services they would like added, complaints about specific branches and how Meezan could interact more with university students and the community

Business Need

Meezan Bank Limited was running a print campaign focusing on the need to eliminate Riba from a Muslim’s life and wanted to integrate an online campaign to further strengthen and interact with potential customers. The online campaign was focused around the Meezan Bank Facebook brand page to act as both the interaction and information distribution point. They needed the page changed to match the campaign graphics, the welcome page changed and a referral campaign integrated, along with a targeted Facebook advertising campaign.

Our Solution

The campaign started with a meeting between the emagine and Meezan Bank marketing teams to define the objectives of the campaign and determine the best methods to achieve the highest results. Collectively, it was decided that the emagine proposal was the best way forward and the Meezan Bank marketing team agreed to a process in which information, reports and graphics would be passed to the design team at emagine for regular updating.

The emagine team started by reviewing and selecting a strong referral application that could be immediately integrated into the brand page to start driving traffic and fans to the page. As part of the friend referral campaign, we offered t-shirts to those individuals who had the highest number of likes in a single day, whereas, the individuals that had the highest number of weekly likes were given a Meezan Bank wall clock.

Simultaneously, we prepared an advertisement and submitted it to Facebook for review so that we could immediately start advertising the campaign. The budget that we agreed to for the advertising was $350 for the entire month, as the targeting was very specific and the total number of users that would see the ad was just over 1.3 million. Thus, we felt that the budget was adequate for the campaign.

When the Meezan Bank team forwarded the graphics from their advertising agency, we immediately formulated a design process that would take the image and convert it to a web-friendly format to be posted to the Facebook brand page. This was done 3 times during the month for the different print advertisements that were part of the campaign. Additionally, those graphics were used to develop a large sidebar for the campaign that captured the key elements.

During the campaign, the marketing team at Meezan Bank designed a badge that could be added to profile pictures that would further enhance the reach of the campaign outside of the targeting that we had done with the advertisement. At the request of the Meezan Bank marketing team, a link to the badge was added to the welcome page so that individuals that were interested in adding the badge to their profile image could do so immediately.

As the final part of the campaign, we worked with the Meezan Bank team to get a list of reasons prepared of reasons why Riba should be eliminated from a Muslim’s life. The reasons were simple in terms of language and easy to understand for those who liked the brand page.

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