Launching a Holiday Discount Card


  • A successful introductory launch of a prepaid discount card program
  • Over 3,000 cards sold in Karachi alone
  • Multiple corporate offices requested that the card be issued in the future cross-branded with their logo for distribution to vendors, employees and families.

Business Need

ORIX e-Business approached the emagine group for assistance in launching a discount shopping card for Ramadan 2011. The card would be accepted at a variety of retailers and merchants across Karachi during the last 10 days, the heaviest shopping days, of Ramadan. Since this would be the first offering of its kind from ORIX e-Business, it would be limited to Karachi, but future promotions would be throughout Pakistan.

Our Solution

Our team started with defining what the best positioning would be for the Karachi market and how to achieve the most attention to drive sales. Understanding that there are other discount card services available in Pakistan, our objective was to create a different environment around the brand as part of the unique sales proposal. This would provide ORIX e-Business leverage in marketing their discount card as compared to others available in the market.

Once the brand characteristics and positioning statements were completed, we moved to naming the brand and the campaign. While we, along with the ORIX e-Business team, initially thought about using a name that would be more in line with the culture of Pakistan, we were not able to find a naming position that would allow for both the consumer to easily understand the value nor create a clear positioning against competitor cards. We decided on the name – Ramadan Shopping Spree – for the campaign as it was easily understood by everyone who would be interested in the campaign and gave us a clear positioning statement for the brand – it would only be available during the month of Ramadan for the month of Ramadan. The discount card naming – Spree Card – was a variation of the campaign name, in that it allowed for the brand to speak for itself.

Upon the completion of the brand naming, all the internal documents were passed to our design team to bring the brand to life. Our objective was to develop a brand image that was both classy and attractive for those who would see it, thereby creating an attachment and recognition of the brand in the consumer’s mind. Our design team develop 3 different options for the brand image that were forwarded to the ORIX e-Business team for consideration, discussion and finalization. Once they selected the brand image that they thought best represented their brand, we moved forward to finalizing the logo and with the design for the supporting materials.

As part of our campaign development, we needed to develop an easily recognizable tagline that would quickly and easily be associated with the brand at all levels. From the corporate to the consumer, the tagline needed to be a clear statement that embodied all the salient points of the campaign. We decided on a simple statement – Shop More, Save More.

The design team developed multiple collateral and supporting materials for the Ramadan Shopping Spree campaign, which can be viewed in our portfolio. The design team also created some special graphics that were to be used specifically on the Facebook brand page, including a side banner, welcome tab and a Ramadan deals tab. Since there was no ORIX e-Business corporate website from which information could be distributed, we had to rely solely on the Facebook page for promotion and information distribution.

While the brand was in development, our marketing team was regularly in touch with the ORIX marketing team to understand any new requirements and provide assistance/advice on how to overcome small problems that appeared in the lead up to the launch of the brand. This relationship continued until the last day of the campaign.

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