Launching a Technology Brand

rewterzBusiness Need

rewertz was preparing to launch its operations in Pakistan and needed a complete branding exercise. They required a corporate logo, corporate communications collateral, website, and marketing collateral. In addition, they also required a launch strategy for Pakistan and Dubai.

Our Proposal

the emagine group proposed to develop the complete brand as well as all the related content, in conjunction with the marketing and launch strategy. The content and collateral would be prepared for the non-technical reader so that they could better understand the service offering and acquire services.

Our Solution

Our process began with a series of meetings with the rewterz CEO, Faiz Ahmed Shuja, to understand the corporate vision, process, products and services. It was through these meetings that we were able to develop concepts and brainstorm with the CEO on what they felt would be the best positioning for their brand, both domestically and internationally. For our branding exercise to be successful, we had to be sure that we had grasped the true image and vision of the brand.

As an extension of the process, our marketing team began working on the brand image and tag line that would identify and position rewterz in the domestic market. We worked closely with our design team to develop a logo that followed the standards that had been defined in conjunction with the rewterz team. It was through a number of internal brainstorming sessions that the logo design and tag line were finalized – a cure for the common techache.

Once the process was handed off to the design team for logo and brand finalization, our marketing team moved to preparing the content for the marketing collateral and website. We began by researching similar companies operating internationally to understand their service offerings and comparing them to those provided by the rewterz management to best determine how the content should be presented for corporate consumption in the online and print collateral.

A number of design options were presented to the rewterz management for how we best saw the brand being positioned in the market, along with our recommendations on which branding option we preferred and why. The final decision of the corporate brand was made by the team at rewterz and our design team moved forward to the finalization of all corporate communication materials, as the marketing team completed the content development process.

All of the materials were incorporated, after the approval of the content, into the online and print communications collateral to create the proper brand image and positioning for the domestic and international markets for an information security company.

Once the brand was completed, the emagine marketing team went to work on developing the launch and marketing strategies for Dubai and Pakistan. Understanding that the rewterz’s team had not finalized the budget for their launch activities, we prepared a number of strategies across different budgetary limits that would assure that the brand would be successfully launched , while staying within a defined budget for a startup organization.

The launch strategy leveraged rewterz’s own management relationships with top names in the technology industry of Pakistan, while incorporating key corporate decision makers who would be approached in the future by the rewterz sales team.

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