Launching a Holiday Discount Card


  • A successful introductory launch of a prepaid discount card program
  • Over 3,000 cards sold in Karachi alone
  • Multiple corporate offices requested that the card be issued in the future cross-branded with their logo for distribution to vendors, employees and families.

Business Need

ORIX e-Business approached the emagine group for assistance in launching a discount shopping card for Ramadan 2011. The card would be accepted at a variety of retailers and merchants across Karachi during the last 10 days, the heaviest shopping days, of Ramadan. Since this would be the first offering of its kind from ORIX e-Business, it would be limited to Karachi, but future promotions would be throughout Pakistan. Continue Reading

Educating Muslims During Ramadan


  • Facebook fan page went from 950 fans at the start of the campaign to over 6,900 on the last day of the campaign (one month)
  • Interactions on the brand page increased from 40,000 to over 150,000
  • Increased feedback from customers about services they would like added, complaints about specific branches and how Meezan could interact more with university students and the community

Business Need

Meezan Bank Limited was running a print campaign focusing on the need to eliminate Riba from a Muslim’s life and wanted to integrate an online campaign to further strengthen and interact with potential customers. The online campaign was focused around the Meezan Bank Facebook brand page to act as both the interaction and information distribution point. They needed the page changed to match the campaign graphics, the welcome page changed and a referral campaign integrated, along with a targeted Facebook advertising campaign. Continue Reading

When a Bloggers Meetup Isn’t Just a Bloggers Meetup


  • Generated a new level of conversation about technology products and service provision in Pakistan
  • Registrations in all 3 event cities exceeded 200 when only 50 could be accommodated
  • Identified and discussed numerous customer issues with HP Pakistan representatives
  • Greater understanding among technology bloggers about HP Pakistan’s products and vision
  • Significant increase in brand value to HP Pakistan due to the pre, event and post-event coverage of the event and products
  • Successful introduction of the HP MINI 110 across Pakistan leading to significant commercial gains

Business Need

HP Pakistan wanted to organize Pakistan’s technology bloggers in cross country events to launch the new HP MINI 110 netbooks directly to the leading technology opinion makers and trusted voices. Their objective was to leverage the trusted voices in Pakistan’s technology world to provide coverage, reviews and comparisons of the new netbook against other similar netbooks already available in the domestic market. Additionally, HP Pakistan wanted to understand how to better interact with the blogger community as a corporation without looking like the traditional sales/product launch event. Continue Reading

Building an Online Publication


  • The new Newsline website quickly brought domestic and international traffic
  • Increase is content posting from once a month to 5-7 times weekly
  • Integrated a number of new bloggers into the Newsline team to develop more content and deliver it faster to the market
  • Implemented a paid subscription model to increase revenues
  • Implemented a new advertisement model that significantly increased revenues
  • The new functionality on the site facilitated writers with video, audio and other medias to help make their articles come to life for the readers
  • Integration of over 20 years of content to facilitate researchers, students and historians

Business Need

For many years, Newsline had been using a standard HTML website for publishing its monthly periodical online. The standard HTML website only provided limited articles online for readers forcing them to purchase the printed magazine to read additional articles. Also, since the website was only updated on a monthly basis, many of the articles were no longer relevant to the news happening in Pakistan at the time of publication causing many people not to purchase the print publication. Additionally, due to resource constrains the website would be updated 10-15 days after the print publication was available on newsstands making the online publication more outdated.

In terms of the website itself, since it had not been changed since its first launch, functionality that was available on blogs and other news publication websites was not available. Additionally, the static HTML website did not allow for readers to take part in the articles through comments or discussion making the articles seem stagnant. Lastly, the existing website was not properly indexed with keywords so readers and other journalists were not able to find information easily limiting the usefulness of the site. From a revenue generation point of view, the existing website did not provide a large number of advertising opportunities, which limited the capital that could be used to improve the print and online publications. Continue Reading

Developing and Integrating a Web Application

crosbyBusiness Need

Crosby initially needed a corporate website developed that would be an information source for investors and potential investors alike. Their requirements included a flexible design that would grow with the company and its needs, be easily updated and managed and would provide easy access to information that investors required to make informed decisions about investment opportunities.

During the discussions about the website, Crosby identified additional needs for a web application that would be used to update the daily NAV value and provide historical information about past values. They also needed another web application that would be used to email investors and subscribers daily NAV information, monthly reports and announcements related to the company and its funds. The email application would need to have multiple functionalities including import/export email addresses, mailing list management and automatic email functionality.

Our Solution

The team at emagine began by developing an architecture for the website based on the information and content that would be presented. This architecture would be the basis for the design and how visitor interactions would be handled. Once the site design was approved by the Crosby management, content and documents were added and web pages created. When all the pages were ready, the site was deployed to our test site so that Crosby management could review and provide feedback while the web applications were developed.

Concurrently, our development team started work on the web applications that Crosby required. Understanding that the most web friendly and flexible database is mySQL, we tailored our development around it. Starting with the NAV application, our development team prepared a requirements document that detailed all the functionalities that would be available in the application and used by our development team to build the application. Continue Reading

Launching a Mutual Fund During a Crisis



  • Launched the campaign days after the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto
  • Generated immense response with a diversified marketing campaign that reached consumers and corporates with a clear message that encouraged them to invest into an Islamic principle based mutual fund
  • Set a new record for investment for KASB Funds with over Rs. 100 million, beating the KASB Stock Market Fund total of Rs. 50 million and the KASB Liquid Fund total of Rs. 25 million
  • Still stand today as one of their most recognizable campaigns

Business Need

KASB Funds was planning the launch of their 3rd mutual fund, the KASB Balanced Fund, in the Pakistani market. The KASB Balanced Fund is a diversified mutual fund that distributes the total investment capital between secured and unsecured investments to create more profit generating opportunities for their customers. For the fund launch, they needed to create the brand and marketing collateral that would be used to secure investments from the public and corporate sector. Continue Reading

Launching a Technology Brand

rewterzBusiness Need

rewertz was preparing to launch its operations in Pakistan and needed a complete branding exercise. They required a corporate logo, corporate communications collateral, website, and marketing collateral. In addition, they also required a launch strategy for Pakistan and Dubai.

Our Proposal

the emagine group proposed to develop the complete brand as well as all the related content, in conjunction with the marketing and launch strategy. The content and collateral would be prepared for the non-technical reader so that they could better understand the service offering and acquire services. Continue Reading

IP Telephony in Pakistan

iphoneBusiness Need

iPhone You wanted to launch its IP Telephony service in Pakistan. The iPhone You service was comparable to other telephony services being offered in Pakistan at the time but significantly lower in airtime charges. The launch would be limited to Pakistan’s commercial hub, Karachi, and slowly expanded to other cities around the country.

Our Proposal

the emagine group offered a comprehensive service that included reviewing legal requirements, market analysis, vendor negotiations, ISP testing, creative services and on-going customer service management. Our proposal would effectively make emagine the on-ground partner of iPhone You in Pakistan. Continue Reading

Correcting Customer Service


Business Need

Pakistan had long been a limited cable operation market with small cable distributors providing substandard channels and qualities. When Go4B launched operations in Karachi, it experienced very quick expansion and market acceptance that lead to problems across the organization in sales, installation, billing and customer service.

This expansion flooded the customer service department with both walk-in and call center complaints about:

  • Miscommitments from sales agents
  • Installations not being completed correctly or equipment being damaged
  • Customer complaints not being properly logged or attended too
  • Customer service agents behaving unprofessionally with customers
  • Billing and recovery problems due to incorrect or incomplete customer information

The Call Center was receiving over 5000 calls a day with over 65% never being answered. The walk-in Customer Service Center was being bypassed, as most customers would directly approach the corporate office to register complaints due to regular inaction by Customer Services and other departments. Additionally, the team that was responsible for complaint resolution teams were split between Customer Service, Network Services, Finance, Sales and Operations causing coordination and prioritization difficulties.

As a result, negative advertising began to spread via the internet and word of mouth that caused a negative impact in new sales and ongoing collection and recovery.

Go4B initially engaged emagine to review its customer services operations and provide on-site management support to identify and efficiently resolve ongoing customer complaints. Continue Reading