Emaan Pakistan – Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

A few weeks back, our Group Managing Director, Khalid Muhammad, was invited to be part of a discussion regarding entrepreneurship in Pakistan on the Business Plus program Emaan Pakistan. The discussion focused on the current state of entrepreneurship in Pakistan, what needs to be done to further increase the level and growth and how the government can assist in building an entrepreneurial economy. Continue Reading

Business Models – Part I

This is the first of a 3 part lecture on developing your business model. In this lecture, we discuss why the business plan and business models are so important to an entrepreneur. We also introduce the Business Model Canvas, which is a great model for entrepreneurs developing their business ideas into business plans.

The Business Plan Canvas is a 1 page document that maps all the necessary information that you need to write a winning business plan without the fluff of emotion and passion. In this lecture, we talk about the first 2 parts of the 9 pieces that make up the business plan – Customer Segmentation and the Value Proposition. Continue Reading

Idea Identification

Last week, we discussed ideas and how to determine if they are good business ideas or not. I have included most of what was discussed in class and added a few more things that will help to clarify and enhance what was discussed. In this lecture, we look deeper into the different kinds of ideas and how we can determine if they are viable operationally and financially.

In this lecture, we also introduce you to a process we use at emagine called Idea Proofing, which allows us to break business ideas down into relevant components to determine how viable they are and whether we want to be involved. Idea proofing is a simple concept to grasp but very difficult to implement and use because it requires objective understanding, industry knowledge and market research. All things that the entrepreneur should include in their business plan, but as an evaluator, you must also have the knowledge to know what is correct and what is colored with emotion. Continue Reading

Getting Your Idea Funded

At emagine, we take a lot of pride in the ventures that we have been part of successfully launching. While our service platform is built on working with entrepreneurs from the idea stage all the way through to funding, we also work with those that come to us with ready business plans.

To assist those who are working on developing their business plans, we put together this guide for entrepreneurs how to best prepare their business plan for venture capitalists and angel investors. Our guide not only gives you a guideline for structuring your business plan, but it helps you to understand what venture capitalists are looking for from an entrepreneur and what will keep your venture from being funded. Continue Reading

New Venture Creation – An Overview

Entrepreneurship is a difficult topic to grasp and understand. Sadly, most universities teach the subject in a cursory manner which does not provide understanding or motivation to those who maybe interested in launching their own ventures. Thus, limiting the number of entrepreneurs in the market. Now, whether this is by design or by default, it doesn’t help anyone who is interested in starting their own company. In this series, we will give entrepreneurs who are interested in launching their own ventures the tools, information and guidance to assist them in making effective and strong decisions on the viability of their ventures.

The first lecture – New Venture Creation – An Overview – gives you an understanding of the problems that entrepreneurs must struggle with in Pakistan, ranging from support networks and financing to getting the business idea right. I have left some information out of the slides, because we will be covering it in other lectures so there is no need for repetition.

This lecture also sets the understanding of the state of entrepreneurship in Pakistan and its reasons for not being as successful domestically. Successful entrepreneurship requires a number of factors ranging from government support, active financial opportunities and new client availability. Without these things, entrepreneurship will not succeed in an economy or nation.

Lastly, we move forward into understanding how to move beyond these barriers and build successful ventures setting the foundations for future lectures. Continue Reading