Why Do You Know So Much About Me

In the online world, privacy is of extreme importance… or is it? As our world quickly moves more and more online, a clear division is appearing between people who want to keep their online lives private and those that feel it defeats the purpose of online communities and profiles. Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, said once that “In today’s world, when a child is born their digital footprint starts. From sonograms to medical checkups to newspaper mentions. By the time they apply to colleges, they will have to change their names because of the amount of information available about them on the internet.”

But where do you stand? Do you know how your information is being used? Do you know how much of your information is being used to target you by brands and marketers?

This presentation takes you through the ins and outs of online privacy and how our online lives are very unsecure and can be monitored without our knowledge by the wrong kinds of people. Additionally, the sheer amount of information that we share through our profiles and communities provides a great wealth of information to data mining companies to help marketing companies target you better, more effectively and much easier.

Where do you stand in the privacy discussion? Should there be more or less? Should you be able to control what data mining companies and marketers can learn from your online behavior?

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