Introduction to Marketing Intelligence – Part I

All of us are familiar with strategic intelligence, business intelligence and competitive intelligence, but what is marketing intelligence and why is it important to us as marketers? Marketing has always been part of the “fuzzy science” because corporate executives tend to not understand now to qualify the results of their marketing and branding activities. With marketing intelligence, marketers are able to provide their departments and executives with real numbers that make sense when trying to justify their capital outlays for marketing activities.

During this 16 presentation series, we will start by building the foundation of what marketing intelligence is and why its important to marketers today. From there we will move on to understanding 15 key metrics that help us to quantify the activities we do into real numbers for the executives and department heads that control our capital spending limits.

The presentation series ends with a discussion about the new “fuzzy science” better known as the internet metrics and agile marketing that will help your organization move with the punches, waves and trends that shape our consumer’s minds and sales bottomlines.

We invite you to take an active part in the discussion around the presentations throughout the series and help develop your marketing department into an asset rather than a cost center.

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