The First 10 Metrics – Part II

In the first presentation, we talked about the metrics that we use to quantify your brand awareness, brand equity, “test drive” and its relation to intention to purchase, and churn rates. In this presentation, we will go deeper into the metrics discussion covering churn rate more effectively, understanding customer satisfaction numbers and introducing the behavioral impact model. As with previous discussions, we have provided a some examples to help you grasp the concepts better.

We will be covering the non-financial metrics again in next week’s presentation, as these are key to the analysis that marketers must learn when it comes to quantifying their performance and the campaign results. As we saw in the recent study conducted by Fournaise, 73% of CEOs don’t trust marketers because we are unable to quantify our activities and performance in terms that are important to them, including revenue, sales and EBIT. These presentations will help you to start using these metrics to improve your position and reporting to senior management.

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