Understanding and Segmenting Your Customer – Part I

Every marketer knows that half the battle of getting the message on target is getting the customer profile right…. 0r do they?

In the modern age of marketing, too many marketers build very general profiles for their target markets in the hope that they will get a higher return on their marketing message. Sadly, this is not the case and most messages end up being wasted on people that are either not able to afford the offering or not interested in it at all. When your marketing is untargeted, you may as well just light your marketing budget on fire because it has the same result.

In the next two presentations, we will help you to understand your customers and learn how to properly profile and segment them so that your marketing message and activities deliver results for the brand, both in the mind and at the bottomline. In the this presentation, we will discuss the different types of customers and their characteristics, along with building an understanding of how to segment our market for more effective results. In the second lecture, we will learn how to build a proper customer profile based on demographics, psychographics, habits, interests and behaviors. These are both a lead up to the Customer Lifetime Value discussion that will be the third presentation of the series.

As always, feel free to post any questions or comments below. We are here to help you understand this material better and implement it in your organizations.

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