The New Site Reviewed by Internet Evolution

We were quite pleased to find that Scott Koegler from Internet Evolution had reviewed the new emagine website and provided some great feedback on how to make the site more user friendly.

Scott and the readers at Internet Evolution provided some great encouragement and insight into how we can make our site better for you, as a visitor, so that information is more easily accessible and the focus is more on you, rather than us!

The updated design doesn’t just look better than the original design. The ability to add and update content at the drop of a hat will significantly ease the burden on emagine’s staff and keep the overall content fresh and relevant for site visitors and customers.


My only suggestion would be to eliminate the third section because it doesn’t contain any particularly compelling, high-impact content, which is a must for any homepage. If that section was removed, the social media links would be more visible to site visitors, and a feed from the company’s social media stream could be added. This would further boost the currency of the site and show visitors that emagine is actively participating in its social forums.

We greatly appreciate the review and feedback that we are getting from the readers at Internet Evolution and will be looking at incorporating their insights into the site over the next few weeks. If you take the time to visit the site, you will see that our Group Managing Director, Khalid Muhammad, is taking an active part in the discussions to better understand how to incorporate the ideas and insights fluidly into the emagine site.

Cheers to Scott and the readers at Internet Evolution for helping us make this a better experience for you!

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