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So you spent months of your life writing a book and now you’re getting ready to publish… and the fear sets in. Where do you get the cover designed? What about the layout for the interior of the book? And the marketing?!?! How do you do the marketing without pulling out every hair on your head? How many friends can you ask to buy your book before they stop being your friend?

Have no fear, emagine is here to help you!

The core problems that every independent author struggles with in the lead-up to publishing their books centers around three important items – designing an attractive book cover, getting the internal matter of the book properly laid out and formatted and marketing it across all platforms to get sales. This is where we can help you get to market faster.

The team at emagine provides these tailored packages for independent authors at affordable prices so that you can take the headache away from your publishing effort and focus your attention on the part that you love, writing your next bestseller!

Individual Services

Following the tried and tested practices of an experienced design company, emagine puts over 20 years of experience to work to bring the best out of your story and deliver a visually appealing, professional cover to showcase your book.

We work closely with the author and an internal readers reader’s group to find the salient points of your book to design the best cover identity for you.

Cost $150

For every independent author, the hardest part of publishing is formatting their book for each of the different platforms. From CreateSpace to Kobo, each of the platforms have their own requirements and your book publishing can be delayed by weeks as you try to pass the infinite issues that come up.

At emagine, we take that headache away by providing a print ready PDF that can be uploaded to most of the platforms, formatted and ready to go.

We also provide a formatted MS Word file for those pesky platforms that will not accept a print-ready PDF, so that you are not stalled in the process, for an extra $100.

Cost $300

With the multitude of devices and formats, every electronic book needs to be formatted and converted to look it’s best on each. So no matter whether you are looking for an ePub, mobi or orc, format, we are here to help you.

We will take your formatted documents and provide you with a converted ebook in the formats that you require and looking as sharp as the traditional publisher that you compete with.

The price listed in for the standard delivery of 4 days. If you need it urgent, talk to us and we can put together a special price for you.

Cost $150

As an independent author, getting past the first 2 hurdles is nothing compared to getting your online profiles right. From building your website to working out what to post on your social media channels, the headache of being a marketer keeps many from becoming bestselling authors.

This is where emagine’s team comes alongside and takes your hand. From designing your author website to building a content plan for you, we know what you need to do. Our team dedicated a resource to your book that will:

  • oversee the design and building of your website
  • help your write the content and pick sections of your book to highlight
  • design attractive images that can be used on your social media platforms
  • give you graphic templates that you can re-use to tailor your messages each day

This package does not include domain registration and hosting, but both can be availed through emagine and it’s hosting partner, Dreamhost, at a discounted rate.

Cost $250

Coming Soon!

Tailored Packages

Package 1 – Book cover Design + Author Marketing Services – $350

Package 2 – Book cover design + Print Ready PDF – $400

Package 3 – Book cover design + Print Ready PDF + Book Conversion – $500

Package 4 – Print Ready PDF + Book Conversion – $400

Package 5 – Complete – $700

For more information, email us at indie@emagine-group.com.