Launching a Holiday Discount Card


  • A successful introductory launch of a prepaid discount card program
  • Over 3,000 cards sold in Karachi alone
  • Multiple corporate offices requested that the card be issued in the future cross-branded with their logo for distribution to vendors, employees and families.

Business Need

ORIX e-Business approached the emagine group for assistance in launching a discount shopping card for Ramadan 2011. The card would be accepted at a variety of retailers and merchants across Karachi during the last 10 days, the heaviest shopping days, of Ramadan. Since this would be the first offering of its kind from ORIX e-Business, it would be limited to Karachi, but future promotions would be throughout Pakistan. Continue Reading

Educating Muslims During Ramadan


  • Facebook fan page went from 950 fans at the start of the campaign to over 6,900 on the last day of the campaign (one month)
  • Interactions on the brand page increased from 40,000 to over 150,000
  • Increased feedback from customers about services they would like added, complaints about specific branches and how Meezan could interact more with university students and the community

Business Need

Meezan Bank Limited was running a print campaign focusing on the need to eliminate Riba from a Muslim’s life and wanted to integrate an online campaign to further strengthen and interact with potential customers. The online campaign was focused around the Meezan Bank Facebook brand page to act as both the interaction and information distribution point. They needed the page changed to match the campaign graphics, the welcome page changed and a referral campaign integrated, along with a targeted Facebook advertising campaign. Continue Reading

Creating a Target Rich Environment

In today’s business world, we spend so much time thinking about advertising and marketing that we forget about audience. Sadly, when you don’t have a target rich field, your marketing and advertising goes to waste. Where is your focus?

In this presentation, we digger deeper into the understanding of developing a target rich environment for your marketing message. We will set the ground for the discussion about audience segmentation, introduce you to some of the companies that we work with to develop our segments and help you learn the basics of how to better segment your audience to achieve better results. We continue the discussion about audience segmentation and introduce you to the different types of customers that will frequent your business affecting your brand and bottomline. Continue Reading

The New Site Reviewed by Internet Evolution

We were quite pleased to find that Scott Koegler from Internet Evolution had reviewed the new emagine website and provided some great feedback on how to make the site more user friendly.

Scott and the readers at Internet Evolution provided some great encouragement and insight into how we can make our site better for you, as a visitor, so that information is more easily accessible and the focus is more on you, rather than us!

The updated design doesn’t just look better than the original design. The ability to add and update content at the drop of a hat will significantly ease the burden on emagine’s staff and keep the overall content fresh and relevant for site visitors and customers.


My only suggestion would be to eliminate the third section because it doesn’t contain any particularly compelling, high-impact content, which is a must for any homepage. If that section was removed, the social media links would be more visible to site visitors, and a feed from the company’s social media stream could be added. This would further boost the currency of the site and show visitors that emagine is actively participating in its social forums.

We greatly appreciate the review and feedback that we are getting from the readers at Internet Evolution and will be looking at incorporating their insights into the site over the next few weeks. If you take the time to visit the site, you will see that our Group Managing Director, Khalid Muhammad, is taking an active part in the discussions to better understand how to incorporate the ideas and insights fluidly into the emagine site.

Cheers to Scott and the readers at Internet Evolution for helping us make this a better experience for you!

emagine Thought Leadership

At emagine, our industry experience spans across multiple disciplines including marketing, branding, venture capital and technology. While most of our knowledge is shared at corporate offices and college campuses, now we are making the same knowledge available to visitors of the emagine website to help you make better decisions to deliver better results.

We have always taken pride in the return we give to the communities that we are involved in and it was only natural that we extend that value to those of you who visit our website, whether it be to hire a marketing and branding agency, a graphic design team, a web development team or a technology specialist. We firmly believe that you will be able to gain a great deal of information and knowledge from the numerous presentations and we invite you to share you thoughts and questions to make the conversations better.

Integrated Marketing Communications Seminar @ SZABIST

Our Group Managing Director, Khalid Muhammad, was invited to speak at the Integrated Marketing Seminar at SZABIST in Karachi, Pakistan. The seminar provided students of the Integrated Marketing Communications course an understanding into the many formats and platforms used for branding, marketing and customer interaction.

Khalid Muhammad presented a guideline for working with online and digital media to build brand value and interact with consumers called “Getting Right With Your Community.” The presentation provided an overview of social media, platforms, and a clear process for taking a brand digital. Continue Reading

When a Bloggers Meetup Isn’t Just a Bloggers Meetup


  • Generated a new level of conversation about technology products and service provision in Pakistan
  • Registrations in all 3 event cities exceeded 200 when only 50 could be accommodated
  • Identified and discussed numerous customer issues with HP Pakistan representatives
  • Greater understanding among technology bloggers about HP Pakistan’s products and vision
  • Significant increase in brand value to HP Pakistan due to the pre, event and post-event coverage of the event and products
  • Successful introduction of the HP MINI 110 across Pakistan leading to significant commercial gains

Business Need

HP Pakistan wanted to organize Pakistan’s technology bloggers in cross country events to launch the new HP MINI 110 netbooks directly to the leading technology opinion makers and trusted voices. Their objective was to leverage the trusted voices in Pakistan’s technology world to provide coverage, reviews and comparisons of the new netbook against other similar netbooks already available in the domestic market. Additionally, HP Pakistan wanted to understand how to better interact with the blogger community as a corporation without looking like the traditional sales/product launch event. Continue Reading

Newsline Selects emagine

Newsline Publications, with its long-standing reputation as Pakistan’s leading independent current affairs monthly, felt their online presence had not achieved the same position. Newsline wanted a website that could support their already established reputation as a print publication, but would also allow the expansion of its online presence to build a new online publication that would give more regular daily content.

To achieve this, Newsline defined their requirements as being able to attract new readers to their publication with more regular content, topical editorials and reviews of the hottest tourist spots, restaurants and movies. Newsline also added the requirement that the site must be able to support video playback, image galleries and podcasting.

Newsline asked the emagine group to develop a vision for the new online publication and a strategy to move the existing content from to the new website based on their requirements. After a comprehensive review of the existing website and online publications from around the world, emagine provided a clear vision for the design, functionality, development and transfer of information from to the new interactive online publication.

Additionally, iMedia, an emagine company, was tasked with the design and development of the website, its correlated functionalities and its ongoing maintenance. Lastly, the emagine group is implementing a sales and marketing strategy for online advertising opportunities as Newsline’s exclusive online sales managers.

To view the design for the Newsline Publications website, visit our portfolio or check out the live site.

The Challenges of Running a Business During an Economic Slump

Khalid Muhammad, Group Managing Director of the emagine group, was interviewed by CIO Pakistan on the challenges of running a business during an economic slump. The article speaks with leading minds in various industries to understand how to keep organizations operational without sacrificing quality or efficiency during an economic downturn.

Our Group Managing Director puts forward the telecommuting principle that has kept emagine operational during a time of multiple problems, including the economic downturn, frequent shutter down strikes. electricity breakdowns and regular terrorist attacks in the country. Since 2008, the emagine group has implemented a telecommuting system within its organization to keep valued assets on staff while facilitating them in efficiently completing their commitments to emagine. While telecommuting is a common operational strategy in Western countries, Pakistan has yet to take full advantage of this strategy. emagine thinks differently.

“When you allow your critical team members to work from their homes via a secure server, it increases productivity while decreasing overall costs. In this case, keeping key team members on staff without carrying large operational and salary expenses.”

As our greatest assets are our team members, we offer computers, standby uninterrupted power supplies and internet connectivity to key resources so that they are able to work from their home without being concerned about getting to the office at 9 am. This also allows the emagine group to pass on the savings in operational expenses to our clients giving them better quality, faster delivery within a lower budget.

You can read the complete article here.