Educating Muslims During Ramadan


  • Facebook fan page went from 950 fans at the start of the campaign to over 6,900 on the last day of the campaign (one month)
  • Interactions on the brand page increased from 40,000 to over 150,000
  • Increased feedback from customers about services they would like added, complaints about specific branches and how Meezan could interact more with university students and the community

Business Need

Meezan Bank Limited was running a print campaign focusing on the need to eliminate Riba from a Muslim’s life and wanted to integrate an online campaign to further strengthen and interact with potential customers. The online campaign was focused around the Meezan Bank Facebook brand page to act as both the interaction and information distribution point. They needed the page changed to match the campaign graphics, the welcome page changed and a referral campaign integrated, along with a targeted Facebook advertising campaign. Continue Reading

Why Do You Know So Much About Me

In the online world, privacy is of extreme importance… or is it? As our world quickly moves more and more online, a clear division is appearing between people who want to keep their online lives private and those that feel it defeats the purpose of online communities and profiles. Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, said once that “In today’s world, when a child is born their digital footprint starts. From sonograms to medical checkups to newspaper mentions. By the time they apply to colleges, they will have to change their names because of the amount of information available about them on the internet.”

But where do you stand? Do you know how your information is being used? Do you know how much of your information is being used to target you by brands and marketers?

This presentation takes you through the ins and outs of online privacy and how our online lives are very unsecure and can be monitored without our knowledge by the wrong kinds of people. Additionally, the sheer amount of information that we share through our profiles and communities provides a great wealth of information to data mining companies to help marketing companies target you better, more effectively and much easier. Continue Reading

Building a Progressive Social Strategy

One of the hardest parts of marketing effectively in the digital world is getting the strategy right. Over the years, we have seen many brands stumble with getting this part of the interaction right and have worked with numerous clients in helping them to develop a progressive social/interactive strategy to engage with their customers and business clients.

The key to getting the strategy right is deciding what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it. Too many brands do it just because competitors are doing it causing them great hardship in generating content and “shareable” information on the social media profile.

In this presentation, we give you clear guidelines on how to put together a strategy that works for your organization and which medias achieve specific objectives. As part of this presentation, we have also given some rules to follow when it comes to strategy development and interaction management so that your brand is better able to foster relationships rather than broadcast one-direction messages. Continue Reading

Introduction to Interactive Marketing

The field in Interactive Marketing, or Digital Marketing, has become one of the fastest growing disciplines in marketing due to the value and benefit provided to brands and companies. At the same time, it is also one of the most misunderstood due to the speed at which it is expanding and difficulty in being able to develop a truly interactive presence in this new media.

One of our specialties at emagine is developing interactive marketing strategies for our clients and brands. In the presentation below, we give you a clear understanding of what makes up the discipline and how it is effecting today’s marketing. Continue Reading

Integrated Marketing Communications Seminar @ SZABIST

Our Group Managing Director, Khalid Muhammad, was invited to speak at the Integrated Marketing Seminar at SZABIST in Karachi, Pakistan. The seminar provided students of the Integrated Marketing Communications course an understanding into the many formats and platforms used for branding, marketing and customer interaction.

Khalid Muhammad presented a guideline for working with online and digital media to build brand value and interact with consumers called “Getting Right With Your Community.” The presentation provided an overview of social media, platforms, and a clear process for taking a brand digital. Continue Reading