We Are

We do everything the big ad agencies, consulting firms and in-house marketing departments do – we are just better, faster and more cost-effective with significantly better results. Offering strategic, marketing, interactive, public relations, creative and business consulting services, emagine can help with all aspects of planning, conceptualization and execution. It doesn’t matter where in the world your office is or what your hours are, we deliver!

So whatever your goals and objectives – from building a strategy, launching a campaign, or improving business operations – come to emagine, we know how to get you the best return on your investment.


At emagine consulting, our focus is to first understand how you do business, then devise a clear plan for permanent solutions to the opportunities and challenges that you face in daily operations. In addition to being experts in organization and brand development, we also give you the brightest minds to develop and deploy aggressive marketing and sales strategies geared to capture new markets and solidify existing positions.

imediaIn May 2004, iMedia launched as an autonomous sister concern of emagine consulting, having built a strong portfolio of clients, and a creative process that allows for independent, innovative and original design. With the support of companies within the emagine group and outside, iMedia’s creative output is liberally coated with sound marketing, sales and technological expertise – bringing the best of both worlds to one platform.